WinterFaith Shelter Walk 2020

What is the San Francisco Interfaith Winter Shelter?

Since 1988, the San Francisco Interfaith Council (SFIC), Episcopal Community Services (ECS) and the Department of Homelessness and Supporting Housing (HSH) have partnered to operate the San Francisco Interfaith Winter Shelter. Designed to augment existing shelter opportunities during the coldest months of the year (Sunday before Thanksgiving through the end of March), the Interfaith Winter Shelter provides breakfast, dinner and a safe and warm overnight rest for up to 100 homeless men each night.

Where is the Shelter?

The Interfaith Winter Shelter is hosted by three congregations - St. Mary's Cathedral, St. Mark's Lutheran Churchand First Unitarian Universalist Society with ECS' Canon Kip Senior Center supplementing additional dates. Each year, a large effort takes place in networking with local faith communities to open their spaces and their hearts. 

How Does the Shelter Operate?

Volunteers from many faith traditions help prepare and serve the meals each evening and a light breakfast is provided each morning before the host site is used for other purposes during the day.  The meals are prepared and served by over 50 volunteer congregations and organizations. Up to 500 volunteers give their time to this important cause throughout the shelter's season. This effort would not be a success without the generous and faithful commitment of these volunteers.

Where Does the Money Go?

The San Francisco Interfaith Winter Shelter came into existence because of vast shortages of available beds and care facilities. With the continual cutting back of budgets, communities of the San Francisco Interfaith Council have fought hard to keep the shelter operating. Government and city funding continues to drastically decline which is why the WinterFaith Shelter Walk is so crucial. The funds raised by the WinterFaith Shelter Walk will go toward shelter services and supplies including: sterilized blankets for each person, mats to sleep on, food and cleaning supplies, as well as all-night trained attendants and counseling services.

What Difference Does it Make?

$5 can provide a sterilized blanket for a resident.

$25 can provide food and shelter for one resident for one night.

$35 can provide breakfast and dinner for a resident for one week.

$500 can provide two full meals to the entire shelter.

$750 covers the entire cost for hosting one resident for an entire month.

$2500 covers all of the costs for all residents and allows the shelter to be open one additional night.

Please join our effort in fighting homelessness on the streets of San Francisco!

Thank you for your support!

Interfaith Winter Shelter Information Sheet (pdf)

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