WinterFaith Shelter Walk 2020

Born in the aftermath of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, the San Francisco Interfaith Council has, for over 30 years, brought people of different faith traditions together, bringing spiritual comfort at times of crisis, building understanding among various religious traditions, celebrating our diversity, and coordinating services to the citizens of San Francisco. 

Since its incorporation in 1991, the San Francisco Interfaith Council has both been asked and has taken initiatives to fulfill its mission of bringing people together to build understanding. Until the appointment of Michael Pappas as Executive Director in 2007, the San Francisco Interfaith Council accomplished all of this with a volunteer staff and board of directors. It has been said that if the San Francisco Interfaith Council ceased to exist, the religious leaders of our city would find it necessary to create one. In this time when interfaith understanding and cooperation are essential, it is important for religious communities and agencies of San Francisco to come together and support interfaith work.

For more information about the San Francisco Interfaith Council, please visit our website at: 

San Francisco Interfaith Council




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