WinterFaith Shelter Walk
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Please help me to support the San Francisco Interfaith Winter Shelter. Every donation counts and together we can make a difference for the homeless on our streets. Thank you!

If you are unable to donate online, please click here for the offline donation form.


  • Maureen (about 7 months ago)

    Sorry John I forgot about this. Apologies and best of luck to you

  • Diana (about 7 months ago)

    Walk Boldly!

  • Daniel (about 7 months ago)

    Great cause, John.

  • Tessa (about 8 months ago)

    Way to go John!! Thank you for your support of this invaluable program!

  • Nick (about 8 months ago)

    way to go!

  • Adam (about 8 months ago)

    Way to walk John!

  • Mairead (about 8 months ago)

    Wish I could be there!!

  • Richard (about 8 months ago)

    Well done, John

  • Gerry & Sue (about 9 months ago)

    No stopping at Harding!

  • Mark (about 9 months ago)

    Still doing the good work after all these decades! Keep on keeping on!

  • Greg (about 9 months ago)

    Go Uncle John!!!

  • AMY (about 9 months ago)

    Go Captain John

  • Patrick (about 9 months ago)

    Thanks for doing the walk - we're with you in spirit

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Number of pledges received: 39
Goal achievement: 114%
Number of page visits: 141
Days since event: 222
I am captain of 'Archbishop Riordan High School'
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Event Information
What: WinterFaith Shelter Walk
Where: Lake Merced Park
When: Sunday May 6, 2018 at 01:30 PM

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